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Every Angel Is Terrifying -Rilke

A beautiful meditation on art and life, and on the profound resonances of a poet across cultures. Every Angel is Terrifying -Rilke is a lyrical and poetic film that narrates a day of Hossein, a German literature professor and an expert on Rilke’s poetry in Tehran. He is also a poet and has translated a selection of Rilke’s poetry into Persian. The highlight of his day is that he has finally managed to book a recording session in a prestigious sound
studio to professionally record his recitation of his translated poems. But the mood of the day suddenly and drastically changes as he receives a few phone calls that bear life changing news.

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(Feature Creative Documentary)

Marcel is a cinematic documentary, a complex and subtle exploration of the life and work of a major Jewish Canadian artist who has achieved international renown. And his friend and son in-law, a Muslim Iranian-Canadian filmmaker. This film is intended to preserve their important story and legacy, especially in the current political climate of ongoing war, xenophobia, and refugee crises around the world. This film is not a conventional biopic of about artists but an impressionistic, multi-layered visual essay. It’s an artist’s documentary, a cinematic meditation on war, displacement, survival and the creation of identity.

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